Mohammad Dajani

Exercise Physiology & Sports science Master Student

Mohammad Dajani

Exercise Physiology & Sports science Master Student


My name is Mohammad Dajani and am from Jerusalem, Palestine. I have finished my undergraduate education in physical education and Sports Science in 2014 at An-Najah National University in Palestine.

My passion with sports started in childhood, when I used to play with my high school club and, afterwards, in the local clubs. I also played as a midfielder with the Palestinian National team. As an athlete, sport, in all it aspects, had always boosted my ambitions until my graduation from high school. At that point, it was inevitable that physical education was going to be my first choice in choosing my academic course of study. My university years were some of the best and unforgettable moments in my life, and I am very happy to have concluded my studies successfully. Having accomplished that, I look forward to grow more academically by pursuing a graduate degree.

Actually, according to my physical education bachelor degree, my studies focused on fitness concepts, kinesiology, nutrition and Coaching methods. I completed an internship in Kuwait, where I gained experience evaluating the fitness level of the clients and then developing fitness-training programs to match the specific needs of each individual.

On the other side, I have worked for two years as a Personal trainer in a sports center. I was always thinking on how to improve my knowledge in the football coaching, tactics, sports science, and all its aspects. Honestly, I used to travel frequently abroad with the Palestinian National team (U15) as a Coach. One of those trips took me to Norway cup (The largest Youth tournament in football) in 2014, in which I experienced some of the most fabulous moments as a football coach. In 2015, and for the second time, we have joined the Norway cup once more, and on that year we have won the Title for the U15 Boys.

In 2014, I signed a professional contract with Hilal Al Quds Club, which is playing in the Palestinian top league. I was the Head coach assistant and the physical trainer. On that season, we won the Top league and the national Super cup. Beside this, we have qualified to play in the AFC champions League.

Nowadays, I live in Norway and am coaching boys under 16 and 19 in a club called NARDO, which is playing in the Norwegian second division.

According to my Certificates, I have the FIFA C and B coaching license. Moreover, am completing my Master degree in Exercise Physiology and Sports Science in NTNU, Norway. Therefore, I have a good Scientific background in Physiology, anatomy, Sports Injuries and Kinesiology.

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