Ènio Melim


Ènio Melim



I have the complete notion that the odds of getting this opportunity are very slim due to my lack of educational background in the sports science area, but I will fight to show why you should give me the chance to be part of this program.

Since I was a little boy I loved to play football, like most of the kids in my country,  but being from a small place I never aspired to become a great player so I just played  because it made me happy.

But when you are a kid much of the time don’t notice what is important in life and while growing up you forget what really made you happy and start to focus on more monetary objectives rather than searching for what really makes you happy. In my case that became my obsession, to find a job that pays well and build a life. But now I realize that you should fight for a dream and not for an obsession because that will destroy you, so now I decided to go for the dream.

For the past 3 years I’ve been studying for a BA degree on Digital development and Analytics in Denmark and after the first year on it I had the opportunity to do an Internship in London. While there I saw the chance to get a Level 1 award in coaching, were I learned about the basics on coaching football as well as the great vision that the FA is trying to implement in English football.

That first coaching course opened my eyes for what I really love to do and after 4 months in London I returned to Denmark where I found a Portuguese U-17 youth and Woman’s senior coach that gave me my first chance to implement what I learned in London as his assistant coach. Since that day I’ve been biking more than 30kms a day between University and training while “enjoying” the wonderful weather conditions that Denmark provides in the winter so I could learn as much as I could, so one day I can become a U-18 Youth coach.

The passion from the kids is absolutely trilling and inspirational and that’s one of the main reasons I want to get on this program, so I can become a high performance U-18 coach and teach young adults to become better persons and professional footballers and with that give them the chance I never had as a young boy.

Since I heard about this opportunity I’ve been trying to narrow my disadvantage by learning about important areas in the sport science department, things like Sports nutrition, psychology, physiology, Biomechanics and methodology have been part of my daily routine. So I hope you see this motivational letter as 50% instead of the 10% that the actual motivational letter is worth for this application and give a chance to go to the interview and show how prepared and motivated I am to grab this opportunity.

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